Weed Shake

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Weed shake refers to the loose scraps of plant matter often found at the bottom of a bag of cannabis. Understandably, beautiful buds don’t remain perfect forever, and inevitably, pieces fall off and detritus collects at the bottom of the container.

Shake essentially is pre-ground flower, ready to pack in a bowl or fill out the empty space in a large joint or blunt. When crafting edibles, too, one needn’t worry about the look of one’s buds — they’re all about to be mixed into your recipe. You only need pretty flower to use as a garnish.

Some cannabis consumers create tinctures using their leftover shake. As long as you have enough shake by weight for your recipe, the alcohol in the tincture recipe will properly strip all the THC-goodness from your trim.

Occasionally, cannabis extractors will use shake to make concentrates, though many in the industry prefer to use flower, ensuring a higher quality end product.

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1 LB., 1/2 LB, Ounce, qp


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