Bread And Butter Flower


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Bread & Butter is a potent strain bred by Heritage Seeds. It was created by combining Pineapple Bud and Pluton 2. Its parents may have been known to have sativa effects, however, Bread & Butter acquired more of their indica qualities. It produces bushy, dense and hard colas. Its seeds have been perfected by its breeders 8 years ago and they produce it every two years. For growers who don’t have space outdoors, Bread & Butter will be a perfect choice as it can be cultivated indoors.

Bread & Butter inherited the sweetness and sourness of its parents. The euphoric effect of the strain kicks in right away. It puts the mind in a state of euphoria, while it puts the body in a strong stoned state. The euphoria can make the user more open and talkative, making this smoke a good recreation and social strain. It can also induce laughter and giggles due to the uplifted feeling. The satisfying effects usually last for one to two hours.

The focus and concentration Bread & Butter can induce, can help patients with ADD and ADHD. Its ability to remove stress and negative thoughts make it perfect for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and even PTSD. It can also ease early symptoms of glaucoma and can induce hunger for those experiencing loss of appetite.

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