Twisted Toffee

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This stuff leaves you nice and relaxed but still able to go about your usual tasks. Takes the edge right out of your world.

This is an absolute treat! It brings English toffee to a whole new level. The most common review on this product is “very calming and enjoyable” The taste is impeccable without a doubt. Start with a piece the size of a tootsie roll and wait at least an hour to assess the results. Its been noted as being extremely helpful for those who suffer anxiety and insomnia. Please note: this is not a fact for everybody, however, is the most common feedback received.

Please note: this is a 19+ treat, and should be kept out of reach from children.

** Please be sure to start with a small amount, until you can guage the amount that works best for you **

Happy munching =.D

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1 large piece ( = 28g), 4 small pieces ( = 28g)

5 reviews for Twisted Toffee

  1. ShakenNotStirred (verified owner)

    Probably the tastiest edible ive ever eaten. You can’t smell the medicine and barely taste it. No stomach issues either. I barely ate 1/8 of it and ive been wrecked for hours. Its a functional high, incredibly relaxing and good for muscle tension, stress and headaches too. This is definitely going to be a staple addition to my orders from this point on.

    My regards to the baker, I’d happily eat this even without the medicine, anytime! Yum!

  2. mike

    This is the real deal!! Toffee like it should be! The kind you have to keep in your pocket to soften it up before you eat it just like when you were a kid! The taste was amazing, no kieffy aftertaste like in most candied medibles. The high was smooth and not overwhelming at all, pleasant tingly feeling as your muscles loosen up and relaxation sets in. Totally worth it!!!

  3. mike s

    This stuff is so good I would buy it even if there was no medicine in it????❤️

  4. Joe

    This toffee is a winner! Yum, yum in my tum, tum 🤣

  5. eocean703

    This product is so good I use it for pain it works great still get buzzed and very tasty

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